The Jellied Eel was one of the oldest and most well-regarded restaurants in the city of Ravens Bluff. It was owned and run by a group of Ravenian knights, who purchased it out from more seedier owners, who almost ran the establishment into the ground.[1]


The dining area featured two long, and narrow halls, with a below-ground kitchen. These halls were decorated with a few oversized paintings and a number of large brass shields.[1]


The Eel offered its patrons large platters with generous portions, so that no customer could ever possibly go hungry. Among their dishes were: roast potatoes with lemon, cinnamon-infused rice, crispy-beaver-pie and roast stag, covered in gravy. Despite the name of the establishment, they offered no plates of eel.[1]


Although the Jellied Eel has long-been a favored, upscale establishment within the city's Temple District, it fell into ill-repute for a short time. Prior to being bought by the knights, the Eel had deteriorated into a dimly-lit eatery whose main attraction was its bevy of exotic dancers. Following its change of ownership, the landmark was returned to its former glory.[1]



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