Jelvus Grinch was a merchant from Neverwinter.


He was selling his goods in Waterdeep when Mount Hotenow exploded in 1451 DR, destroying his native city. He returned immediately, putting both his gold and his muscles to work helping to save the city in those chaotic early days. He was recognized among the survivors as a leader, and referred to by many as the "First Citizen of Neverwinter."

In later years, Jelvus worked with the Shadovar representative Herzgo Alegni in the rebuilding of the town. Herzgo also nominated him captain of the White Guard, the Neverwinter city guard organized by the Shadovar.[1]

When Dagult Neverember arrived to rebuild the city, he recognized Jelvus as an important person to bring over to his side. Neverember recognized Jelvus's leadership and accomplishments by making him New Neverwinter's sheriff, reporting to General Sabine.[citation needed]


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