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Jeruls, also called death devils or Tormentors of the Faithless and False, were a type of baatezu devil that tormented souls.[1]


Jeruls were skeletal figures approximately 10 feet (3 meters) tall and 550 pounds (250 kilograms) in weight, with four arms that ended in claws and four wings covered in withered flesh. The head was that of an emaciated vulture, but had four glowing yellow eyes. They typically wore ragged black robes and always carried a scythe and a whip.[1]


Jeruls were both disciplined and cruel.[1]


Jeruls, like most devils, possessed darkvision, but could also see perfectly even in magical darkness. They were resistant to acid, and immune to fire, cold, disease, poison, any damage caused by negative energy or that would weaken their abilities, anything that would effect their mind, and they could not be paralyzed.[1]

Death devils had several spell-like abilities, being able to replicate the effects of animate dead, dimensional anchor and greater teleport (limited to itself and 50 lb (23 kg) of weight, thankfully) at will, as well as deeper darkness and desecrate thrice each day, and enervation and unholy blight once each day.[1]

Jeruls were capable of rebuking undead, similar to a cleric, at will; however, they also registered as undead to spells and effects that could detect such a thing. Additionally, death devils were highly resistant to negative energy.[1]

Jeruls, like other baatezu, could attempt to summon more devils, calling 2-20 lemures or 1-4 barbazu with roughly equal chances of success or failure, or another jerul at a greater chance of failure.[1]


If forced into a fight, death devils preferred to enter into melee with attackers. Their innate sadism worked to spur them on after doing damage to opponents. They were known to attack with their scythe, whip, and claws. These weapons had a chance of causing an opponent to tire greatly, and also worked to harm incorporeal creatures.[1]


Jeruls were the most common type of devil found on the Fugue Plane. There, they tortured the souls of the faithless and the false as punishment, with the permission of the god Kelemvor, and Cyric, Myrkul, and Jergal before him.[1]

Jeruls were known to speak the Abyssal, Celestial, and Common languages in addition to their native Infernal. They could also communicate telepathically with anyone within 100 feet (30 meters) of them.[1]


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