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Jeruls, also called death devils but more often known as Tormentors of the Faithless and False, were a type of baatezu devil that tortured the souls of the Fugue Plane.[1]


Jeruls were skeletal figures approximately 10 feet (3 meters) tall and 550 pounds (250 kilograms) in weight. Four sinuous arms ending in elongated, clawed hands sprouted from their torsos and four skeletal wings covered in withered flesh came out from their backs. Their alien heads were reminiscent of an emaciated vulture's, but with four sunken eyes that glowed a cold yellow. They typically wore billowing robes with black cowls and always carried a giant scythe and an expensive, wicked-looking whip.[1]


Jeruls showed the standard form of lawful evil to be expected of infernal beings, sharing the disciplined and cruel natures of their baatezu brethren.[1]


In addition to those abilities and resistances common to baatezu, jeruls had many properties of the undead and detected as such. They were resistant to negative energy, were immune to the cold, disease, paralysis, mental magic, and anything that would debilitate their physical or mental aptitude, and could fly even faster than they ran despite their skeletal wings. Like clerics, Jeruls could rebuke the undead at will. Their attacks could naturally harm incorporeal targets, hitting them with effectiveness usually impossible to perform against such entities, while the living could be left exhausted by their strikes.[1]

Death devils also had several spell-like abilities, including animate dead, dimensional anchor and greater teleport (limited to itself and 50 lb (23 kg) of weight, as was usual for baatezu) at will, as well as deeper darkness and desecrate thrice each day, and enervation and unholy blight once each day.[1] Like other baatezu, juerls could attempt to summon more devils, calling 2-20 lemures or 1-4 barbazu (succeeding around half of the time at calling each), or another jerul (succeeding only around a third of the time).[1]


If forced into a fight, death devils preferred to enter into melee with attackers, teleporting close whenever possible to do battle with both their weapons and claws. The stinging whips of the jeruls allowed them to non-lethally injure their enemies. Their innate sadism spurred them on when they injured their opponents.[1]


Jeruls were the most common type of devil found on the Fugue Plane. With the permission of the Faerûnian god of death, whether Kelemvor or Cyric, Myrkul, and Jergal before him, they punished some of the souls of the Faithless and The False.[1]

Jeruls often carried with them several thousand gold pieces worth of ornate but ghoulish jewelry. They were often proficient in the use of ropes.[1]

Jeruls were known to speak the Abyssal, Celestial, and Common languages in addition to their native Infernal.[1]


There was a chance of the Skull card, when drawn from a deck of many things, calling a jerul instead of the normal entity.[2]


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