Jessamine (pronounced: /ˈɛsɑːminJESS-ah-meen[2]) was a merchant prince in Port Nyanzaru in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR. She dealt in plants, herbs, poison, and sanctioned assassination.[1]


As a result of being afflicted by the death curse, Jessamine hid most her body under billowy robes and tightly wrapped black bandages.[1]


She didn't speak often, but when the council of merchant princes found itself divided on an issue, Jessamine usually cast deciding vote.[1]


Before she went into business for herself, Jessamine worked as an assassin for a Calishite pasha. She died on a mission, but her benefactor paid a handsome price to raise her from the dead. Some years later, Jessamine had a brief love affair with an Amnian sea captain, resulting in the birth of her daughter Ymezra. When the death curse began, Jessamine was affected due to her death years ago.[1]


Jessamine carefully had her daughter Ymezra tutored in the skills she needed to take over the family business.[1]