The Jet Jambiya was a popular tavern and meeting place in Calimport, Calimshan, around the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1][2]


The tavern could be found in the southern part of the Taorahl drudach (neighborhood), which in turn was located in the Eraré sabban (district) of Calimport's Hook Ward.[1]


The Jet Jambiya was a two-story building in the shape of a G, giving space to an open-air, central courtyard that served as the tavern's main taproom. Two internal taprooms were also available, in the case of inclement weather.[1]


The tavern derived its name from a magical, black jambiya that hovered 40 feet in the air above the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Any weapons drawn were immediately absorbed by the jambiya, barring the clubs carried by the tavern staff. Over time, the jambiya swallowed several famous weapons, such as the Beljureled Blade of Nazir Rabir, Samark the Staff of Screams, the Four Daggers of Delvenahr, and Giisan the White Sash of Sorcerers. Furthermore, it was rumored that the jambiya was actually an intelligent portable hole. Whatever the case, this feature made the Jet Jambiya a popular meeting ground, serving as a safe and neutral territory for all.[1][2]

Prices at the Jet Jambiya were fairly expensive, but cheaper drinks could be surreptitiously obtained by befriending or bribing the staff.[1]


The armorer Kahim el Tunril frequented the Jet Jambiya, and was known for his prowess in arm-wrestling matches.[1] The Harper Khalid was a regular visitor prior to leaving the city, and the monk Rasaad yn Bashir spent much of his youth lingering outside the Jet Jambiya, looking for drunken patrons to rob.[3]




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