The Jewel Box was a drow tavern in Menzoberranzan.


The building was located just outside the accepted border of the main marketplace, the Bazaar (so as not to be subject to the rules that require its places of business to move at least once every 66 years), and was owned and run by Nym, an old retired battle wizard with only one leg.


Despite having no signboards or external advertisements, the Jewel Box still managed to attract a steady stream of shoppers and merchants. The main room of the tavern had a low roof and featured sweet and slightly intoxicating smells.


The Jewel Box's principal customers were traders and merchants from the Bazaar, but it was also a favorite spot for disreputable males, particularly of the lower houses. Females very rarely made an appearance there, largely due to the higher status they possessed in the matriarchal city. The Jewel Box never turned away potential customers, however, and all were welcome (provided they had wealth to spend).


The Jewel Box was renowned in Menzoberranzan as one of the only brothels offering drow females; Nym maintained a number of female drow slaves in the cellars, where they were available for males with enough money to spare. Even though this would normally be treated as an affront to the laws of the Spider Queen (males were not permitted any power over females by decree of Lolth), the Matron Mothers overlooked this factor; it was suspected they took a large share of the profits as a "gift" from Nym to stay their wrath. The Jewel Box also often featured live music and contests of the board game sava.




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