Jewel Talondim was the matriarch of the Talondim Clan, an independent thieves' clan in the city of Iriaebor not allied with any guild.[1]


Typically, freelancers were disposed of by larger, territorial guilds, such as the Purple Masks Guild. But, due to Jewel leadership, other thieves' guilds sought to ally themselves instead.[1]


She had a sharp mind and was quick-witted. She led her clan with a strong hand.[1]


She was a beautiful woman. She had short onyx-black hair, burnished amber skin, and dusky violet eyes.[1] When she was traveling, she wore riding leathers dyed the same dusky violet color as her eyes.[2]

She looked to be the same age as Mari Al'maren, in around her 30s, when she was in fact 93 in 1364 DR. She claimed that this was not due to magic, but good blood.[1]



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