Jezz the Lame was one of the leaders of the Vhaeraun-worshipping House Jaelre, commanding the drow of his house who warred with the elves of Myth Drannor.[4]


Jezz had smooth, black skin and pale white hair. He was slightly shorter and slimmer than a human. He wore supple black leather armor and carried an exotic-looking kukri.[5] He also wore a green asp around his arm. His right leg was lame and held in a leather and iron brace/harness, which he limped around in, giving him the nickname "Jezz the Lame."[6]


Given his charisma and the respect his followers give him, if House Jaelre gained a foothold in Cormanthor, Jezz was to be presented as a speaker to the outside world. He was involved in dealing with the tenuous alliance with the Clan Auzkovyn as well.[4]


Jezz was once a scout for his tribe as they wandered the Underdark after leaving their home city of Menzoberranzan. At one point, he got into a fight with an umber hulk, which resulted in the cavern ceiling coming crashing down. Believing Jezz was slain, his company left. But Jezz had survived, and he dragged himself back to their camp, finally arriving a tenday later. A cleric was able to set his leg, but had to snap the already-healing bones to put them in their proper places. The injury continued to pain him occasionally, and he had to wear a special brace and shoe that allowed him to walk more easily.[3]

In 1372 DR, Jezz assisted a group of Menzoberranyr drow led by Quenthel Baenre in retrieving the Geildirion of Cimbar, a book of lore, from a beholder's lair in Myth Drannor.[7]

In 1374 DR, Jezz was sent as an emissary from the Masked Brigades to the Zhentarim who occupy Shadowdale at the time of the Cormanthor War. He remained in the Twisted Tower of Ashaba, hoping to learn more about House Jaelre's current allies.[8] That same year Jezz also served as an emissary to the daemonfey army of Sarya Dlardrageth in an abandoned keep south of Myth Drannor.[9]



In the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, Jezz is mentioned as having the rogue class instead of scout and his alignment is quoted as being Neutral Evil, instead of Chaotic Evil. Later, these were changed in Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land.[3]



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