Jhaamdathan was the language of the old Jhaamdathan Empire.[1]

Jhaamdathan was also known as "Old Chondathan", and as this name suggests, it was the direct precursor of the Chondathan language.[2] The original "Common" tongue, Thorass ("Old Common"), came about as a mixture of Jhaamdathan and Alzhedo, and thus, Jhaamdathan was a progenitor of modern Common as well.[1]

Jhaamdathan's progenitors included Jotun, the language of giants.[3]

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  1. Giantcraft describes Jotun as a progenitor of Thorass. As Thorass is clearly described as resulting from Jhaamdathan and Alzhedo, and Alzhedo was derived from Auran, Jotun must also be a progenitor of Jhaamdathan.

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