Jhessa Brightstar was a priest of Lathander in the town of Idyllglen.[1]


A descendant of Solndor Brightstar, Jhessa was just as dutiful and humble a servant of Lathander.[1]


Jhessa was present in Idyllglen when it was nearly entirely destroyed by Yeenoghu and his band of gnolls and demons. She led her congregation in prayer, imploring Lathander to send the angel Zariel to save the town as she did once before.[1] Thanks to their prayers, Zariel arrived riding atop a golden mammoth and led the Hellriders of Elturel, including Yael, Olannthius and Haruman, against the Lord of Savagery. Together they managed to banish the demon lord back to Avernus before charging after them.[2]



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