Jhingleshod (pronounced: /ˈɪŋgʊlʃɑːdJING-gul-shahd[1]) was the former man-at-arms to the wizard Wulgreth of Ascalhorn, and became an undead knight.[5] Also known as The Iron Axeman, Jhingleshod once had another name, but no longer remembered it.[1]


He was covered from head to toe in exotic plate mail and draped himself in an old forest green tunic and cloak. Up close, one could see he was an undead creature appearing to be a cross between a corpse and an animated suit of armor. His skin was formed of rusting overlapping plates of iron. He easily wielded an axe that most men could not lift.[1]


Since his own lifeforce was connected to Wulgreth, Jhingleshod could only truly die and be at rest when Wulgreth was no more.[1]


In 883 DR, Jhingleshod left Hellgate Keep with his master, Wulgreth, who was fleeing from the influx of fiends. They traveled to the ruins of Karse where Wulgreth hoped to gain power from the petrified body of Karsus. While in the midst of casting a powerful spell, Jhingleshod slew his master to prevent him from summoning more fiends.[3] The mis-cast magic transformed Wulgreth into a lich, who then punished Jhingleshod by turning him into an undead knight and forcing him once again into service for as long as Wulgreth endures. For this reason, Jhingleshod sought to slay his evil master once and for all.[5]



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