Jhothûn was an ancient empire of giants located in the far northern cold regions of Faerûn.[1]


While not large, Jhothûn was a powerful empire of giantkind. Its people mastered great magics, which allowed them to keep their lands in perpetual cold. Portals connected the four major cities of the empire.[1]


Jhothûn was located in the north of Faerûn, from the Yal Tengri in the east to the Sea of Moving Ice in the west. Its capital, also called Jhothûn, was located somewhere in the region of the Endless Ice Sea. It had three provinces. The first was located in the area of the Sea of Moving Ice and claimed Karffbadh as its capital. The second province was in the vicinity of the High Ice and had Choshein for a capital. Gharreil was the provincial seat of the Great Glacier region.[1]


The emperor of Jhothûn reigned supreme and under him were three provincial rulers, called satraps, in similar manner to ancient Calimshan. Jhothûn society included a strange relationship with ice genies called qorrash. The qorrash served as advisers, titled as "princes of Jhothûn".[1]


The giants of Jhothûn were the ancestors of modern frost giants.[1]


Jhothûn was an empire long before even the first elven kingdom came into existence.[note 1] Not much is known about the history of the empire, except that it eventually fell because of rebellion amongst its satraps followed by attacks from white dragons who took advantage of the situation.[1]


The Ice Queen built her palace in the Great Glacier after the fashion of lost Jhothûn and long sought its secrets, styling herself its new Empress.
— A fragment from a tale of Iyraclea[2]

The Ice Queen, Iyraclea, was rumored to be seeking ruins of Jhothûn to learn from its magical relics.[2]



  1. While it is not explicitly stated in the web source, it is reasonable to assume that Jhothûn was a sub-empire of Ostoria founded by Ottar, as described in the Giantcraft sourcebook.

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