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Jhuild, also known as Rashemi firewine, Rashemaar firewine,[2] or thrallwine,[3] was considered to be the national drink of Rashemen.[4]


Jhuild was a thick, dark reddish-brown alcoholic beverage that created the sensation of fire in the imbiber's belly, thus earning its name.[5] Jhuild was an extremely potent and spicy wine, and was reputed to have medicinal qualities. The Witches of Rashemen grew the herbs, grapes, and fruits that were used in distilling the wine in the magic-laced soil of the Urlingwood.[6] It was often used as part of a berserker warrior's ritual of invoking the berserker rage.[7]

A form of this beverage was also brewed in Thesk, where it was known as thrallwine. It was used by slave owners to dull the minds of their slaves and lower their sense of personal free will.[3]


Jhuild was usually served in tall glasses, and as of 1372 DR, its average price was set at around 120 gold pieces per bottle outside of Rashemen's borders. In Rashemen, jhuild was fairly affordable, costing 1 gold piece per pint. A diluted form of jhuild, which was made using ale, was also much more affordable at 15 gold pieces per bottle.[8] However, other sources reported a bottle of jhuild cost about 70 gold pieces in Rashemen, and that the diluted version sold for 2 silver pieces a tankard in Rashemen and 7 to 15 gold pieces elsewhere.[9]


Firewine was a popular house liquor from Nat Wyler's Bell in Phlan. The tavern's locals told stories about the firewine being distilled from their own wine, mulled in a washtub.[1] Beyond Toril, one could find firewine being sold in Sigil.[10]



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