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Jiki-niku-gaki (pronounced: /ikinikgɑːkijee-kee-nee-koo-gah-kee[4]) were evil lesser spirits native to Kara-Tur. They were the most common type of gaki.[2]


Jiki-niku-gaki resembled emaciated humanoids, with dry, peeling skin. They had yellow fangs, sharp claws and deep set eyes.[2]


Jiki-niku-gaki were vicious fighter. In combat, they attacked quickly and without mercy, using their sharp claws and teeth to kill an opponent. While jiki-niku-gaki were ambush predators, their overwhelming urge to feed often drove them to attack openly or recklessly.[2]


Like all gaki, Jiki-niku-gaki had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of become invisible and polymorph spells at will, and passwall three times daily. They were immune to all charm, hold and sleep spells, as well as drowsy insect. They were vulnerable to any spell that affected spirits. Jiki-niku-gaki were able to fly and slowly regenerated[2] damage that was inflicted upon them.


Although jiki-niku-gaki were solitary creatures, they occasionally lived in small groups. These groups were usually associations they had in their past lives.[2]


Jiki-niku-gaki did not have a lair. Rather they were always moving from place to place, hunting for food. They were most often encountered on isolated roads or trail, or within cemeteries.[2]


Jiki-niku-gaki were carnivores and consumed the flesh of their victims. Some jiki-niku-gaki however had the ability to consume color or scent. These jiki-niku-gaki fed on color and scent from up to 20 ft (6.1 m) from their victim, feeding on it while invisible. The color of a victims clothing faded or lost their aroma or perfume. Once the color or scent was drained, sometimes the jiki-niku-gaki would then physically attack the victim, their hunger not sated. If the jiki-niku-gaki was killed, the color and scent was restored within a day.[2]

Like all gaki, jiki-niku-gaki were the reincarnated spirits of wicked people. They were reincarnated as gaki for punishment for living a life of evil and sin.[2]



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