Jiksidur was a Netherese enclave of Netheril ruled by the Sorcerer-King Larloch.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Larloch rose to become Sorcerer-King of the enclave of Jiksidur in Netheril.[1] He used the Death Moon Orb to charm and mentally control the members of his court and spy on his enemies. It did so successfully, and Larloch ruled for many years, gaining great power.[2][3][4]

In the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, Larloch had Jiksidur hovering high over east Faerûn to spy on the rival empires of Narfell and Raumathar. A contingency spell warned Larloch that Jiksidur was facing impending doom, and he fled the city riding a dragon. Very soon after, Netheril suffered Karsus's Folly, all magic failed, and Jiksidur fell from the sky. It flipped over in its descent and crashed upside down into the earth, utterly destroyed under its own weight.[1][5]

Jiksidur had landed in the plains of Narfell. Soon after its fall, agents of the Nentyarch tunneled into the mountaintop and excavated the ruins, seeking whatever treasures they could salvage. Some of these ultimately ended up in the tombs of Nar demonbinders. The remains of Jiksidur later came to be known as the mountain of Hark's Finger.[1]

Larloch later traded with Szass Tam to recover some of the treasures of Jiksidur. However, most of its surviving wealth and magic was still buried under the mountain as late as 1374 DR. At this time, it was one of only three Netherese enclaves to have its ruins located and identified.[1]

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