Jockteleg was a floating Netherese enclave notable for its population of humans permanently polymorphed into voadkyn.[2]


The enclave floated near the Abbey Mountains and the river known as the Alley.[1]


Jockteleg was founded by the archwizard Quantoul in −2019 DR, as a center for the variator arts. In −1932 DR, Quantoul started experimenting with the enclave's mythallar, hoping to modify it to allow Jockteleg's residents to polymorph self at will. However, Quantoul miscalculated, and instead cast a permanent mass polymorph other on his city, transforming all its inhabitants into voadkyn, himself included. Quantoul was horrified, and immediately set about reversing the changes, to no avail. Fortunately, a curious side effect of the mythallar allowed the polymorphed citizens to retain their knowledge and personalities, as long as they remained within the enclave. Leaving Jockteleg would deteriorate their minds, causing them to act like true voadkyn.[2]

The next centuries, particularly between −1205 DR and −697 DR, were spent rebuilding Jockteleg to better accommodate its giant-sized population. Quantoul continued his research into the polymorph phenomenon, but was not able to find a way to reverse the effect.[2]

Other Netherese settlements were not interested in associating with the pseudo-voadkyn of Jockteleg, and the enclave found itself increasingly isolated. Instead, Jockteleg became a place of interest to other giant cultures: the Deshwind clan of cloud giants visited in −642 DR, and a delegation of storm giants visited in −509 DR.[2]

Jockteleg was destroyed[2] alongside the other enclaves of Netheril as a result of Karsus's Folly in −339 DR.[4] Although the enclave's mythallar exploded, some of the city's inhabitants were curiously teleported away from the blast to seemingly random locations. It was rumored that Quantoul was one of these survivors.[2]

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