Jorgen Pawl was a member of the Cult of the Dragon during the late 15th century DR. He was commander of Xonthal's Tower.[2]


Jorgen was a strong dracolich traditionalist. He was nominated as commander of the recently conquered Xonthal's Tower, a bastion of Cult traditionalists.

As a compromise with the Cult's traditionalists, the reformist leader Severin gave the blue dragon mask to Jorgen to examine. However, Xonthal's second-in-command Iskander betrayed the Cult to the Council of Waterdeep. Jorgen understood Iskander's feelings but he was not ready to betray the Cult, so when Iskander's treachery was unveiled, Jorgen ordered his death. Soon after, he was presumed killed by a band of adventurers sent by the Council in response to a message from Iskander.[3]




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