Joril was a cleric of Darkmoon, and greeter to visitors of the temple in 1358 DR.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Joril wore a dark blue robe and a breastplate of silver hue. He owned a ring with a large blue gem attached to it.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Joril and his sister, Nadia, deceived visitors who entered the Darkmoon temple. He convinced them that Temple Darkmoon was devoted to kindness and helping others. When the Heroes of Waterdeep entered the Darkmoon, he told them he had not seen Khelben Arunsun's missing scout, Amber, or anyone else recently. He told the heroes it was very peaceful at Darkmoon and the surrounding woods, and tried to convince them to reset and enjoy the temple's services.[1]

When the heroes tried to go further into the temple, Joril warned them that they were not permitted to enter, as the path would lead them to their private chambers. Only members of the temple were allowed there. He asked them to step back, but the heroes eventually entered, causing Joril and his sister to become hostile.[1]

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