Jorus Azuremantle was a half-elven wizard and the leader of the Spellguard, assuming the title after Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade. He was also a member of the Council of 12 Peers.[1]


Noted as being both reserved and powerful[1], Jorus was very meticulous about selecting any Spellguard that served under him.[2]


Jorus was Taern Hornblade's nephew.[1]


In 1369 DR, when Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade became the High Mage of Silverymoon, Jorus was appointed as the new Lord Warder and leader of the Spellguard.[4][2]

By 1370 DR, Jorus sat on the Council of 12 Peers to help Alustriel Silverhand form the League of the Silver Marches.[1]


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