Journey's Song, Kirstig's Tale was the first issue of the Spelljammer comics series and published by DC Comics. It was written by Barbara Kesel, drawn by Michael Collins, and edited by Elliot S. Maggin. It is the first of four installments in the "Rogue Ship" story arc.

Imagine a universe where the laws of physics are based on the rules of magic. Where entire solar systems float on seas of highly flammable phlogiston inside huge spheres, and massive living spaceships travel between the stars in their own self-contained atmospheres. Wonder no longer, because all that describes the world of SPELLJAMMER, the latest entry in DC's line of TSR Comics. The focus of this title of interstellar sword-and-sorcery is the crew of a mysterious living spaceship, the vehicle that will take us all among the various worlds of the TSR universe


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Waterdeep • Unipaxala
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  1. According to Liches in Love and TSR Worlds Annual 1, the Spelljammer comic series occurs during 1358 DR.

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