Jovar, also known as the Glittering Heaven and Heaven of Gems, was the sixth layer of Mount Celestia.[2] According to the Great Wheel cosmology, it was the location of Yetsirah, the Heavenly City.[1]


Jovar was covered in hills that were studded with precious gemstones that glittered in the light.[2] Jovar was actually a vault lined floor to ceiling with huge rubies and garnets that gave off a glow like a hearth fire.[3]


Jovar was ruled by Sealtiel, the Defender. He was charged with preventing incursions into Chronias and defending against the machinations of fiends. He was also patron of warden archons.[4]

Notable LocationsEdit

The Heavenly City. A huge seven-layered ziggurat that displayed a large staircase on each face connecting the terraces of each layer. The stones that made up the city were made of precious gemstones, similar to those seen around the surrounding hills. On the topmost terrace was the bridge of al-Sihal, formed of pure light, where the portal to the topmost layer of Celestia, Chronias, was located. It was guarded by a powerful solar named Xerona who judged who was allowed to enter.[2]



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