The Jovial Juggler was an inn located on the northern side of the town of Beregost. While it could be considered quite the average establishment, it was quite popular among the Beregostan youth.[1]


Located on the west side of Beregost's main road, the inn was easily recognizable. It featured a grand roofboard depicting a juggling jester that could hardly be missed.[1]


The Juggler was the inn of choice for those who wanted to drink, dance and spend their evening in revelry. Minstrels and other performers were featured nearly nightly, and well-paid for their performances.[1]


In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Officer Jessa Vai of the Baldurian Flaming Fist set up shop within the Jovial Juggler to help deal with the bandit problem that plagued the Sword Coast. She offered bounties for bandit scalps for some time, before she was asked to report back to her superiors in the city.[2]

That same year, the paladin Bjornin stayed in the inn to recover from the wounds he had received from a band of half-ogres west of town.[2]



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