Jugicha was a city in the Plain of Horses in Kara-Tur. It lay at the foot of the Chigidi Mountains, beside the Chukei Plains.[4] It was the home and capital of the Tsu-tsu tribe.[1]


Around the mid-800s DR, a band of rebels split from the Fankiang city of Li-Raz. They desired to found their own community, and so settled Jugicha. This triggered a realignment of the hsing (clans), of the Plain of Horses, ultimately giving rise to the Tsu-tsu.[1]

Circa 1337 DR, the qaghan (ruler) of the Tsu-tsu and Jugicha was Shajji Ghoiji. Ghoiji was corrupt and his government fell into chaos and finally rebellion. Ghoiji's apa qaghan, his assistant and brother Shajji Hoijarek, stepped in, gathering capable advisors to his side and becoming qaghan in his place. Over the next two decades, Hoijarek worked to reestablish order in Jugicha and revive Tsu-tsu prosperity.[5]

Hoijarek remained as qaghan of Jugicha and the Tsu-tsu around 1357 DR.[5]


Jugicha held a number of temples staffed by lamas,[5] for the various faiths known in the Plain of Horses.[2]


The Tsu-tsu citizens of Jugicha were considered to be superb herders, hunters, and producers of liverstock.[1]


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