Juiblex rising upon fetid rocks.

Juiblex (pronounced: /ˈblɛksJOO-bleks[12] or: /ˈʒblɛksZHOO-bleks[12]) was a demon lord of oozes and shapeless things[6] that was almost glorious in its unrivaled obscenity. Ridiculed by its peers as "Lord of Nothing", the Faceless Lord was, even to the them, a demon as revoltingly vile in body as it was inscrutably aberrant in mind.[4]


Juiblex was, in short, disgusting, undoubtedly hideous to demons of all kinds and perhaps the most foul of all demon lords and deities.[4][8][10] Its abhorrent aura was as foul as its sickening, shapeless form,[4] a primordial soup of bubbling bile[1][5] and nauseating fluid bound by a thin epidermis bathed in oil and thick mucus.[1][8]

The amorphous mass was swirled and striated with a hideous mixture of hues, primarily streaks of black and green combined with bilious browns and yellows as well as translucent grays and ambers.[1][10] Caustic slime of the same coloration was constantly secreted from the sludge-spewing horror[8][7] and it was known to weep tears of encrusting black grime[4] from the glaring red eyes that pulsated and shifted across it, peering in all directions.[1][3]

The Faceless Lord was an appropriate name for the gelatinous monster since it lacked any kind of set form, adopting various sizes and shapes with ease.[4][6] At rest, it was nothing more than a spread-out volume of reeking filth[13] but at any point it could form a simple blob or gather together into a 18‒20 ft (5.5‒6.1 m)[1][8] pillar of unsteady ordure before collapsing into a rancid wave and stretching out into a voluminous pool of animated ooze.[4][3][8]

Most commonly however, when confronted by others, it gathered itself into a hideous heap, a 9 ft (2.7 m) cone[13][10] of glistening jelly and shuddering slime.[6] No matter the form,[1][13] it could manifest dripping, trembling pseudopods in all directions to lash out and hungrily scoop up any creature that caught its attention.[6]


Juiblex's mind was beyond the comprehension of mortals and alien by the standards of demons; conforming to no standards, it acted with unknowable purpose.[4][8] Contrary to what one might assume of the Father of Slime based on the mindlessness of his spawn, he was an incredibly knowledgeable being of frighteningly vast intellect that moved with caution and subtly while manipulating his minions with chess master prowess. The eldritch entity also knew the true names of each obyrith, coupled with an intuitive sense of their goals, and was one of the few beings that understood the true purpose of the Abyss.[4]

Ironically, regarding Juiblex's own goals, he was possibly the easiest of the demon lords to understand purely because his desires were so simple and uncomplicated. Rarely did he need to bother plotting and planning because he was normally content just to continue existing, his only active goal being the corrosion of anything he could reach.[6][3] The malevolent monstrosity cared little for intrigue and hated practically everything, perhaps enjoying only the act of destruction, and occasionally rumbling with some approximation of amused laughter with his more sadistic moves.[6][4]

If Juiblex could be said to have a grander, more philosophical mission, then it would be his ordinary goal on a greater scale, to dissolve all living things, flooding all of existence in his pestilent putrescence[4][7][14] and leaving his shapeless reflections as the only remaining lifeforms.[13] Relatedly, Juiblex was something of a recluse, rarely leaving his lair and reacting with violent anger at any intrusion.[10][15] The oozes and slimes he surrounded himself with were the only beings that interested him outside of the context of consumption and corruption, and his viscous subjects quivered with something akin to pleasure. when their Faceless Lord was near.[4]


Simply getting near Juiblex could be a serious ordeal; aside from the fact that he always attacked intruders to his domain, regardless of what they offered, his foul smell and loathsome look made him almost impossible to tolerate.[4][1][15] Even by accident, his shuddering mass could expel toxic materials around his space, endangering most life nearby.[4] Organic and inorganic materials alike quickly dissolved at his touch, particularly metal and wood, but while stone could also be melted it eroded at half the rate. Extreme agility was required by one wielding weapons or wearing armor composed of corrodible materials to prevent them from being ruined after making contact.[3][6] His touch was not only caustic but also corruptive, and if one wasn't crushed or liquefied by his lashing pseudopods there was a fair chance that they'd be covered in a sheet of poisonous ooze.[3][6][1]

Juiblex's favored tactic was to make full use of his ooze-like qualities, closing the distance between him and his enemies by whatever means necessary.[6] His gelatinous form allowed him to swiftly squeeze through spaces smaller than an inch with ease, crawl across vertical inclines and ceilings, and maneuver unhampered underwater.[1][4] He attacked as many foes as possible, snatching them from the surrounding area and altering his form to engulf them with intent to watch them painfully melt.[4][6] His ability to build himself up before crashing down as an avalanche of ooze was particularly useful for catching multiple targets.[1][4]

Juiblex's amorphous body was part of what made him especially dangerous since he lacked any kind of targetable anatomy and was just generally difficult to injure.[3][6] Trying to harm him with acid, diseases and poisons was obviously useless, as was using blunt weapons and impact force, lightning, water, cold or deadly gases.[4][8][3] Radiant energy and fire were some of the few things that could prevent him from regenerating, although given his adaptable nature, fire could be an unreliable weapon,[1][4] and cold iron or good-aligned weapons could overcome his resilience.[6]

While clever enemies might attempt to exhaust Juiblex's ability to move towards them and then attack him from a distance, the Slick of Foulest Humors would find it all too humorous to send airborne foes hurtling towards the ground.[4] Every now and then, Juiblex could vomit a particularly vile excretion, 3 ft³ (0.085 m³) cubic feet of a toxic substance that combined the effects of ochre jelly and green slime that he spewed several feet into the air.[1][8][10] For similar reasons, he could also spew out patches of green slime, as well as to delay his enemy's approach, or break off bits of his own body to create lesser versions of himself to assist him.[4][6]


Many of Juiblex's spell-like abilities were related to blighting and befouling areas or desecrating and despoiling specific targets. Often times his first move was to hide, possibly by turning invisible, before engulfing multiple foes and unleashing a contagion on the first. Other powers allowed him to dominate and restrain powerful beings, such as using hold monster to augment his attacks, or advance on far away foes, like greater teleport, fly or phase door.[3][6] Also among his supernatural powers was his ability to shed a circle of darkness, which he could see through and that no light could dispel, as well as an circle of frigid cold in a radius around himself, which both followed him wherever he went and which he could activate and deactivate at a whim.[3][10]

If seriously injured, Juiblex could be made to retreat, probably through teleportation,[15] although such an escape was likely temporary.[6] In such a situation he would attempt to summon oozes or tanar'ri to keep his enemies busy during his recovery period, but fitting his lack of association with most of demonkind he had few options. Once per day, he could call upon a mob of stinking dretches, a few fetid hezrous or an acidic alkilith to aid him, and either a couple of gray oozes, ochre jellies, or black puddings.[8][6]

Lord of OozeEdit

Juiblex was often regarded as one of the weaker demon lords, and the way he normally was, this was accurate.[3] However, all of Juiblex's powers seemed minuscule in the face of his most threatening ability; the power to control any ooze from anywhere. Oozes were inherently tenacious creatures, able to exist in some of the most hostile corners of the multiverse, and all Juiblex had to do was focus his power to control them. In a sense, Juiblex's true form was not the one that dwelt in his abyssal layer but the combined volume of every brainless slime, pudding, and jelly in existence. The omnipresence of oozes throughout reality raised the question of why he didn't simply takeover the multiverse at his whim. In truth, despite his great intellect, the vastness of Juiblex's true body far outmatched the capacity of his comparatively small mind, and he was incapable of dividing his attention and ordering all of his servants at once.[4]

Juiblex's mere presence in an area could make the oozes of the region more aggressive and intelligent, although not necessarily both. Some oozes were no more capable than before but showed signs of malevolent intent rather than mere, mindless hunger, while others gained human levels of intelligence and telepathy without a hint of ill will towards sentient beings.[13][16]


Juiblex's underground sanctum contained many useful treasures, some of which he was known to wear and use, ranging in usefulness to rings of plant control to a talisman of ultimate evil.[15] Certain items were inexorably tied to the Faceless Lord or could be things he would consider useful to his plans.[5]


Juiblex is a power defined by incremental advances, a being whose wickedness flows slowly but inexorably toward an unspeakable end, which troubles even this writer.
— Demonomicon of Iggwilv[4]


Juiblex resided in the Slime Pits, where he drove out all but the slimes and oozes that were found there. He dwelt in the 222nd layer of the Abyss with Zuggtmoy, known as the Lady of Fungi.[6]


Juiblex cared little for worshipers but nonetheless had an unorganized cult of followers. If he knew of his followers at all, he did nothing to reward them. Most of his followers were slimes, oozes, and jellies.[6] He was also worshiped by some aboleths (who believed Juiblex provided the moist environment most appropriate for their slimy skin) and insane humans.[8] Some demons, particularly hezrou, swore him fealty and retrieved victims for him to feed on.[3]

He was a lesser deity and one of the triumvirate of the Lost Gods of the Underdark (the other two being the Elder Elemental God and the Dark God).[8]


Juiblex constantly tried to take over Zuggtmoy's holdings, causing friction between them.[6]

Most demons loathed Juiblex. They viewed him as a threat only when they stood in his way, so most left him alone.[3]


It was reported that Juiblex was not actually a tanar'ri but rather an aspect of Ghaunadaur made to increase worship.[citation needed]



  • Archmage: A demon with a description matching Juiblex was present with the demon hordes attacking the dwarves at Gauntlgrym.

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