A juju zombie was an exceptionally powerful type of zombie.


A typical juju zombie resembled an ordinary zombie, with its flesh gray, leathery and hard. The monster's eves communicated its desire to destroy all things living.[3] Created by potent magics, they were stronger, faster, and more cunning than the basic shambling corpse.[1]


Unlike a normal zombie, juju zombies retained their consciousness and the awareness of their undead state made them horribly vicious and cruel. For this reason, juju zombies were popular among Red Wizards and could be found in greater numbers in Thay.[1]


A juju zombie could use tools, use throwing weapons, as well as bows and crossbows. Jujus partially existed on the Negative Material Plane making them only vulnerable to magical weapons. These zombies were also immune to mind-affecting spells, illusion, poison, electricity, magic missiles, death, and cold spells. They also had resistance to fire.[3] Jujus could understand language and take commands, they preferred simple tactics and strategies in combat. They were dexterous enough to easily scale and climb walls with ease.[2]


One of the ways to create a juju zombie required a create undead spell cast by a powerful spellcaster or the touch of the blightspawned.[1] Another one was by using the energy drain spell to completely siphon all life from a human or medium-sized humanoid.[3]


In 1362 DR Szass Tam sent a group of juju zombies after the harper agents spying on his opponent Maligor in Amruthar. Later enlisting the agents to help Szass Tam to foil Maligor's plans, he put the Harpers in charge of an army of undead including juju zombies[4]



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