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Jungle giants were a race of large humanoids native to the jungles of Zakhara.


Jungle giants stood 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and could weigh up to 3,000 lb (1,400 kg). Male jungle giants typically stood shorter than females. Jungle giants could live to 200 years old. With light green hair and yellow skin, their lean but powerful frames blended easily into the jungles that they called home.

Every jungle giant carried all necessities required for life in the jungle, as well as any valuables they possessed with them. They spoke their own language plus those of any nearby humanoids. Some jungle giants would tattoo themselves, file their teeth to points, and wear feathered headdresses to appear as frightening as possible. Jungle giants wore little clothing, to provide ease of movement when fighting or stalking in the jungle. They would camouflage themselves when hunting dangerous prey.


Jungle giants crafted fifteen-foot-long bows with six-foot-long arrows and were capable of firing them rapidly. They dipped the arrowheads in a paralyzing poison. Jungle giants preferred to strike from hiding. They would camouflage themselves in trees and strike at range with their bows before descending to the forest floor to finish off targets. Jungle giants had been known to use fallen tree trunks as clubs as well.

Unlike other giant races, who typically threw boulders, jungle giants were known to hurl large piles of logs.[3]

Jungle giants were also known to have developed a giant equivalent of a bolas to bring down big game in the savannah, but was equally capable of taking down large groups cavalry.[3]


Jungle giants subsisted on a diet composed entirely of meat. They roamed the jungles of Zakhara, quickly hunting all the prey in an area before moving on to the next stretch of jungle.

A female jungle giant.

Unlike most giants, jungle giants would cooperate with humans, going so far as to participate in hunts with them, using the humans' greater numbers to drive prey into the giants' perfectly laid ambushes. Jungle giants considered all animals of the jungle as prey. Jungle giants used the hides of their prey to cover their simple huts. Due to the smell of fresh meat that clung to jungle giant villages, large swarms of insects converged on their villages. As such, a small number of giant dragonflies could be found living in jungle giant villages.

Jungle giants would show respect to fellow hunters no matter their size or race. When their numbers grew too large for their jungle homes to support, jungle giants would take to the surrounding grasslands in search of prey. However, their great height was a disadvantage in open areas, forcing them to soon return to the jungles.

They were often seen in the company of giant dragonflies, elephants, elder serpents, and even human tribals.[3]


Jungle giants were in no way related to the true giants or giant kin descended from Annam All-Father.[4] Instead, jungle giants were the descendants of the inhabitants of the kingdom of Nog within Zakhara.[5]


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