Jurrg was an orc adept in Thar in 1372 DR.[2]


In 1345 DR, Jurrg received a dream from Gruumsh showing that a leader would soon emerge from the Underdark to lead the orcs of Thar to glory. So Jurrg went with her brother Rûlgar to the Xûl-Jarak citadel to welcome the leader. There, she met three just-arrived orogs: Naazlog, Daazlag, and their leader Thrull. She proclaimed them "sons of Gruumsh" and Thrull the new king of Thar. Together, they started to build the new kingdom.[3]

In 1372 DR, Rûlgar found the Hammer of Gruumsh and Jurrg saw this as a sign that the time of Thrull's rule was near. Meanwhile, thanks to Daazlag, the orcs captured the scions of five powerful noble houses from Melvaunt. Jurrg planned to ritually sacrifice them in the crowning ceremony for Thrull.[3]

Jurrg was in her cave inside Xûl-Jarak, waiting to perform the ceremony to proclaim Thrull king of all Thar.[2]


Jurrg had always with her her rat familiar Snyrr.[2]



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