A Justice of Weald and Woe was a talented ranger, rogue, or druid that originated within the ranks of the elven nationalist group known as Eldreth Veluuthra.[1] Justices were essentially the agents of elven lords hired to slay men. They did so by becoming skilled hunters who wielded their bows with expertise.[2]


Members of Eldreth Veluuthra were known to have enlisted would-be justices from among the ranks of skilled rogues, rangers and druids who shared the ideology of the organization and took it upon themselves to act on these ideals.[2] They often begun by being skilled archers amongst parties of Eldreth Veluuthra wizards and sorcerers.[1]


Justices of Weald and Woe had many varying skills, that helped with their archery skills, and moving through rough terrain. In fact, all justices were able to move through undergrowth with the same skill as druids,[3] and powerful justices could become immune to all animal venom and natural poisons.[1]

They also had a range of combat advantages, such as making attacks that would paralyze or instantly kill their target,[1] and firing arrows from their bows with deadly accuracy.[3]



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