Jutta was a young apprentice to Maligor, the Zulkir of Alteration in Thay in mid–14th century DR.[2]


Jutta was a young, short, and stocky girl with a clean-shaven head. Maligor thought her round face to look like an overripe cantaloupe. Like her master, she was a worshiper of Myrkul, which was evident from a holy symbol of the god tattooed on her head. She often wore rose-scented perfumes.[1]


As an apprentice, she was respectful and subservient to Maligor. She was one of the most adept pupils that Maligor ever had. He respected her ruthlessness and intelligence, qualities valued in Thay.[1]


Intelligence and ambition were her main weapons, along with a selection of spells taught to her by Maligor. He awarded her magic lessons for well-completed tasks.[3]


Jutta was in possession of her master's ring of flying.[3]


She respected her master and was eager to please Maligor as a teacher and he, in turn, respected her, planning on replacing his assistant Asp with Jutta once he got bored of her. Asp, a spirit naga lieutenant, was jealous of his interest in the young apprentice.[4]


Jutta came to Maligor's service in 1361 DR. To guarantee her loyalty, Maligor abducted her parents and put them to work in the slave citrus plantations. If Jutta were to displease him, their deaths would be terrible.[1]

In 1362 DR, she was tasked with scattering the remains of Willeth Lionson along the First Escarpment, making sure none of Maligor's enemies would be able to commune with the dead man and discover the Zulkir's plans.[3]




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