Ka'Narlist was a dark elf and ilythiiri. He was also the archmage and ruler of Atorrnash. His home was known as Ka'Narlists Keep and dominated the city. He was also a worshiper of the elemental evil, the god Ghaunadaur.[1]


He lived in the Dawn Age at the time when the first gold elves came to Faerûn. Nearly 300 years after the elves of Tintageer came to the north of Faerûn he was visited by Sharlario Moonflower and his son Cornaith. During this event he gave the younger moon elf a small dagger as a gift. But it was also magically enhanced to enable the dark elf to scry on the elves in the north. He had the ambitions to spread war between the elven races and profit from this. He also wanted to get some Avariel to create magical flying troops of winged dark elves.[2]

Centuries later the dagger was a precious part of the treasures of Sharlarion. It was wielded by Kethryllia Amarillis defending the city against an army of orcs.[3] The orcs were led by the demon Haeshkarr, a servant of Lolth.[4] When she followed the demon to the abyss the dagger intrigued Lolth and she became all the more aware of Ka'Narlist and the possibilities to get worshipers for herself. His ambitions to conquer and to get more magical power, even becoming a god matched her own ambitions. She decided to take him as her consort and wrap him out of the devotion to Ghaunadaur[5] . She even bore children to him which all the more spread evil and darkness through the dark elven race.[6]

The mortal body of Ka'Narlist was destroyed by the floods and earthquakes in the wake of the First Sundering. It is unclear if he managed to survive by magical meanings, capturing his essence in a dark pearl.[7]


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