Kabril Ali al-Sara al-Zalazil was the powerful ruler of the dao.[2]

Activities[edit | edit source]

Much less athletic than the usual noble dao, he had shrewd a mind for schemes and business of all sorts, and was always open to new ideas and technologies to improve the empire of the dao, called the Great Dismal Delve, and his personal wealth. The Great Khan governed the affairs of his people (and their many slaves) from the Hidden Fulcrum of the Dao, the secret audience chamber in the center of the Sevenfold Mazework, the capital of the dao on the Elemental Plane of Earth.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Though Kabril Ali al-Sara al-Zalazil did not leave his palace often,[2] he took an active interest in Zakharan affairs.[3] When the monarch traveled to the Prime Material Plane, his splendor was always announced by earthquakes.[2] Legend ascribed to him power akin to that of the gods.[3] It was also rumored that the Great Khan of the Dao was once bested by the Faceless God of the Yak-men, forcing the dao to serve those enemies of Enlightenment.[4]

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