Kaer'lic Suun Wett was a drow priestess of Lolth and part of a band of four along with Ad'non Kareese, Donnia Soldou and Tos'un Armgo.[4]


Kaer'lic lost her right eye in a battle almost a hundred years ago before 1371 DR, and she replaced it with a black eye from a giant spider. Although she claimed that she could see with the spider eye, her comrades knew that this was not true.[5]


Kaer'lic was once a member of House Suun Wett of Ched Nasad.[3]

She was killed by King Obould Many-Arrows when he tore out her throat with his teeth in retribution for her sabotage of his armor during his fight with Drizzt Do'Urden, and her subsequent attempt to kill him in a magically-conjured earthquake when her sabotage failed.[6]


She was the part-time lover of Tos'un, although she was not particularly interested in having a partner.[7]

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