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"Gold runs the world, kid. Faster ya learn that, the better life will treat ya'."
— Kagain

Kagain was a dwarven merchant and fighter that lived in the town of Beregost during the mid–14th century DR. He owned and operated a mercenary company that specialized in protecting caravans.[1]


Kagain was determined to gain as much wealth as possible. This desire reached a level of obsession in his mind. As such he was very anti-social and had a particular dislike for elves.[1]


Even for a dwarf Kagain had an impressive fortitude. He was so hearty that he slowly regenerated injuries over a period of time.[1]


In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, one of the caravans under the protection of Kagain's mercenaries disappeared while en route to Baldur's Gate. He would normally not care, but it was uncommon for caravans to disappear entirely.[1] Adding to his concern was the fact that among the lost passengers was none other than the son of Grand Duke Entar Silvershield, Eddard Silvershield.[2]



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