Kagain was a dwarven merchant and fighter, and a companion of the Bhaalspawn known as Gorion's Ward in the late 1300s DR.[note 1] A resident of Beregost, he owned and operated a mercenary company that specialized in protecting caravans.[1]


Gold runs the world, kid. Faster ya learn that, the better life will treat ya.
— Kagain[1]

He was antisocial and mostly concerned with making money, and to a slightly lesser extent drinking beer. He disliked elves.[1]


In 1368 DR, one of the caravans under the protection of Kagain's mercenaries disappeared while en route to Baldur's Gate. He would normally not care, but it was uncommon for caravans to disappear entirely, and among the lost passengers was the son of Grand Duke Entar Silvershield. When Gorion's Ward entered his store in Beregost, Kagain hired the Bhaalspawn to help look for the caravan. After a very brief search, Kagain gave up, claiming they would never find the missing caravan among all the other dead caravans in the region. He elected instead to accompany Gorion's Ward for a time,[1] until the Bhaalspawn killed his brother Sarevok Anchev and brought most of his followers to justice.[2]



  1. For the sake of this article, it is assumed that Kagain accompanied Gorion's Ward, although this is entirely optional in the source material.


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