Kahim el Tunril was an armorer who ran the business Shields Italazar in Calimport, Calimshan, around the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Although he was a slim man who appeared better suited to a life of scholarship and study, Kahim possessed a great, wiry strength.[1]


Kahim's ambition was to elevate his armorsmithing skills to match those of elven artisans, and he spent a great deal of effort toward this goal. He was intrigued by unique armor pieces that taught him something new, such as elven or Kozakuran pieces, and would always make a personal copy for himself to use as a model. His most prized possession was a suit of elven chain mail, which was left for him to copy by a customer who never returned.[1]


Kahim was well known for his great skill as an armorer, which meant he and his staff spent most of their time filling orders for the guards of various pashas. However, an especially intriguing challenge could easily grab his focus. Kahim was a regular patron of the Jet Jambiya, where he was known to best many larger foes in arm-wrestling matches.[1]



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