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Kahvoerm Irithyl was the first Coronal of Cormanthyr, ruling from −4000 DR to his death in −2900 DR[1], having been the first elf clan leader to draw the Rulers' Blade. At the wish of the dying Coronal Oacenth of Jhyrennstar, and with the support of the nobles and the Council of Trees he united the realms of Semberholme, Jhyrennstar, and Elven Court into the empire of Cormanthyr.[2][3][4]

Kahvoerm spent the first part of his rysar seeking a spot for the new empire's capital. According to the legend of the Founding Song, after years of wandering through the woods of Cormanthor and visiting settlement, village and tree-dwelling of the elves in his domain (including a foray into old Elven Court), he came upon a hillock under a shadowtop tree, where he entered into reverie. He wandered into the air and up among branches through the canopy before coming to a glade. There, atop a hill, he saluted the sun and drove his Rulers' Blade into the earth amid a circle of flowers. Sunlight poured from the sword, and when he drew it, the hill rose rather than yield the blade. From the earth he drew the Rule Tower and proclaimed to the people of Cormanthyr that this was the new capital of Cormanthor (later Myth Drannor).[2][3][4]

Kahvoerm died at an incredibly ancient age in −2900 DR. The chosen heir, his fourth son, tried to draw the blade but was deemed unworthy and slain in a bout of green fire by the Crownblade. As such, the Coronal's youngest great-grandson, Sakrattars Irithyl attempted to draw and became the second Coronal of Cormanthyr.[5]




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