Kala were carnivorous spirits native to Kara-Tur. There were two sub-species of kala: cave kala and earth kala.[1]


Cake and earth kala resembled humanoids with cone-shaped heads. Their ears and noses were larger than a human's. They had five-fingered hands, each finger ending in an extremely sharp claw. They had large, flat feet that acted as snowshoes, allowing them to travel across arctic terrain with ease. When touched, their skin was cold, and they wore no clothing except for a loincloth.[1]

Earth kala were smaller than cave kala. Where cave kala had pale yellow skin, earth kala had pinkish skin, and were not bald like their cousins.[1]


Kala were vicious and attacked other creatures on sight.[1]


Kala were immune to cold. All kala were proficient in hunting and tracking. They were able to find and follow a trail that was up to two days old. When a cave kala bit a victim, they injected a toxin into their bloodstream. The toxin caused pain to slowly build up in the victim's body until it became so excruciating the victim was essentially paralyzed.[1]

Earth kala lacked this ability, instead, they used their breath as a weapon. Their breath carried a vicious disease that gradually weakened their victim. The victim became so weak they were unable to use a potion of healing or cast healing spells.[1]


Kala were savage fighters. They used their razor-sharp claws in combat, although occasionally they also used axes with a stone blade.[1]


Kala lived in small tribes of up several dozen individuals. They were patriarchal, with the tribes led by the largest male. Tribes were known to raid small human settlements, capturing the residents to be eaten.[1]


Kala were obligate carnivores. They ate any meat, including carrion. When prey was scarce, they would not hesitate to resorting to cannibalism. They preferred fresh meat from warm-blooded creatures. Kala mated annually, and fought vicious battles over a desired female. The male who lost was banished from the tribe.[1]


Cave kala typically made their lairs within caves in isolated mountain ranges, while earth kala here nomadic, following game or moving as the seasons dictated.[1]

Outside of Kara-Tur, they were known to occasionally be found in the Hordelands during the winter season, particularly in the the forests of Hagga Shan and Ama Basin. Year round, both cave and earth kala inhabited the land's arctic plains.[3]



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