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Kalabons were a type of devil native to Malbolge of the Nine Hells. They were all that remained of Malagard after her death at the hands of Glasya, and they tore themselves away from her in an effort to survive. Kalabons sought only to rebuild the Hag Countess, but were instead enslaved by Glasya, forced to wait until they could one day unite in recreating their former self.[2]


Kalabons resembled nothing more than a heap of flesh that constantly leaked blood and pus, and that walked around on three legs. Most kalabons were only 3 feet (0.91 meters) tall and weighed about 80 pounds (36,000 grams).[2]


Kalabons were tortured creatures trapped in a state of constant maddening pain- the echoes and psychic screams of Malagard's death. This caused them to often collapse into pitiful weeping. However, they also hated everyone and everything, and would kill any creature they encountered unless commanded not to by Glasya. They spent the majority of their time either killing non-kalabons or weeping at the loss of Malagard—they often comforted one another by forming large piles akin to tumors.[2]


A kalabon was able to make use of an acid tentacle, as well as its stench and, if other kalabons were present, it was able to join with them to create a larger colony and, with it, creature.[2]


In combat, kalabons would often shriek to attract others of their kind before swarming their enemies. If on the verge of defeat, kalabons would break down into individual parts to flee and attempt to preserve as many of their colony as possible. Kalabons often fought in groups called colonies.[2]


Kalabons reproduced after consuming enough food, after which the kalabon popped and two formed in its place.[2]


Kalabons budded off of Malagard's corpse after she died, being semi-independent creatures of their own. However, after the last of Malagard's remains disappeared, they began to feed on each other, consequently becoming increasingly rare. Rumors circulated that the more they devoured each other, the less they heard the Hag Countess's mental screams, and the more they could defy Glasya's commands. Most disturbingly of all, some kalabons began to take on a female humanoid appearence with purplish skin and a mane of white feelers- an appearence that some said was remniscent of the Hag Countess.[1]



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