Kaladar the Cruel was a member of the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan and the bitter rival of Celerum the Black in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


In 1334 DR, Kaladar was trying to find out what Celerum the Black's goal was. He was able to determine that Celerum sought Damien Morienus' Accursed Tower and that he'd hired adventurers to discover its secrets for him. Kaladar knew that Celerum was impersonating someone but had no idea who.[1]

Kaladar the Cruel arrived at the Ten Towns following his rival, shortly after the adventurers discovered the tower and the diary hidden inside. The spies Kaladar employed kept a close eye on the adventurers. Kaladar used an alter self spell to impersonate a human advance agent for a traveling group of entertainers. In reality, the "entertainers" were Kaladar's hired thugs and assassins.[1]

He used all available methods to achieve his goals, even luring one of the adventures away from the group under pretense, and using charm person on them.[1]




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