Kalah was a gnome illusionist who worked in a circus that toured at least Amn and Tethyr. He grew bitter at being made fun of and, when the circus stopped at Waukeen's Promenade in Athkatla, used powers he had gained from an unknown source to turn the inside of the circus tent into an unreasonably large world of illusions in the middle of his act. Some people trapped within were killed, others seemingly turned into various monsters. The illusionary world was also populated by shadows and werewolves, some of which were real enough to hurt people they attacked and others of which only became so if they were attacked back. Kalah himself appeared as an ogre-sized figure more impressive than his usual self.

Two named characters trapped within the circus were Aerie and Quayle.

If the player in the game chooses to enter the tent, they may save some of the characters trapped within and defeat Kalah, turning everything back to normal except for those people who seem to have simply disappeared after dying.

Before dying, Kalah uttered his disappointment by shouting: "This is not what was promised to me!". Apparently, there was a side plot aiming to let the players complete another small quest in the game, elaborating slightly on the story of Kalah's background. This second quest was never included in the final game, however.