Kalahar Twohands was a half-elf and the well-respected High Lord of Loudwater, formerly the Gauntlet of the Western Marches.


In 1347 DR Kalahar was the current Green Regent and led his Scions against a Tempest summoned by Talassan priests which had been terrorizing Llorkh and Orlbar. After fierce fighting, Kalahar reversed the spell that had summoned it and earned himself the respect of the Delimbiyr Vale.[2] After he became the High Lord, succeeding Nanathlor Greysword who died of old age in 1369 DR, Kalahar had to issue several difficult edicts. The mass migration of the High Forest orcs in 1372 DR led to a Decree of Reception which gave any orcs who entered Loudwater legal rights similar to citizens. Though none in Loudwater ever openly denounced him, Kalahar was not nearly as popular as he once was.


Velvred Twohands was Kalahar's son.


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