Kalda Purefist was a dwarf paladin in the Moonsea.[1]


Kalda was a paladin and an officer of the Hammer of Moradin in Earthfast.


In 1491 DR, after Furgis Boltsmelter stole the elemental codex from Earthfast, Kalda was chosen to lead a Hammer squad to purse him and retake the item. Near Mulmaster, she and her squad confronted Furgis and his adventuring party bodyguards when the Cult of the Black Earth attacked both groups.[2] In the battle against earth cultists, Kalda and most of her men died.[3]


Kalda was guided by her vows to Moradin. She knew that not everyone held the same values that she did and did not expect that others lived up to her standards. Kalda respected all people with a strong personal code and disliked those who changed their mind for money.[1]




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