Kallamarn was a small farming village in southern Cormyr on the north bank of the Starwater River by the 1360s DR.[1][2]


Kallamarn was named for one of its early settlers.[1]


Nearby towns included Hilp to the northwest, Gladehap to the northeast, and Nesmyth to the east.[2]

The part of the Starwater where Kallamarn was situated was an area of rapids. A towpath (walkway) along the bank allowed those on land to pull barges past the rapids, or anchor them with ropes to large wooden tripods.[1]


An apple orchard was located along the river. It grew large, tart, green apples called Kallamarn Catsheads, which were sold in Suzail and were used to make pies. When the orchard was abandoned, the apples were free for the taking, but every year a few unfortunate pickers lost their lives when they were grabbed by kelpies and dragged down into the water.[1]


Kallamarn was the birthplace of Lucas Surin, a captain in the Purple Dragons. He was commissioned by Elminster to write an ecology book about the coastal areas of Cormyr and Sembia on the Sea of Fallen Stars.[3]



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