Kamatlans were dangerous, jaguar-like creatures found in Maztica.[1]


Kamatlans looked like large jaguars, but with two venomous snakes sprouting from each shoulder. They also had a rattle like a rattlesnake's on the end of their tails.[1]


Kamatlans were patient, stealthy hunters. The snake-like growths had venomous fangs, and kamatlans could also attack with their claws and jaguar head's fangs.[1]


Kamatlans lived alone in the jungles of Maztica. They were excellent at swimming and climbing trees. Kamatlans were territorial, only coming together to mate, which could be at any time of the year. They laid eggs that hatched after two months.[1]

Kamatlans had little to fear from most other predators, since only much larger or more powerful creatures like dragons were a threat to them. However, humans would hunt them since their combination of snake and jaguar meant that almost all of their parts were useful in hishna magic.[1]


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