Duchy Kamlann was the small, mountainous duchy north of the Sulduskoon River in the central western part of Tethyr. It was mostly hill country and pipeweed plantations, but it also contained Zazesspur, the largest and richest city of Tethyr.[2]


Kamlann encompassed the Starspire Peninsula and the land of the Starspire Mountains. It was divided into two counties, Starspur and Uluran.[4]


The duchy was under the control of Lord Inselm Hhune, who was also the Lord Watch Chancellor of Tethyr and a leader of the Knights of the Shield. The official ducal castle was Tresper Hall, located in the mountains, though Hhune lived at his estate south of Zazesspur.[5]

Notable LocationsEdit

Cloister of St. Ramedar 
This monastery of the Church of Ilmater also served as Tethyr's primary prison and insane asylum.[6]
Fortress Faithful 
This famous, cliff-side fortress was dedicated to the god Tyr.[6]




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