A kampfult, or a sinewy mugger, was an extremely rare creature that had the form of a tree trunk with many rope-like appendages.[1]


Every kampfult had a 4-foot-tall (1.2 meters) tree trunk base. From the bottom of the base sprouted movement limbs, whilst attacking limbs were closer to the top of the base. Kampfults had twelve limbs in total: half of them 1-foot-long (0.3 meters) movement limbs, and the other half attacking limbs that were 6 feet (1.8 meters) long.[1]


As their rope-like limbs would give away their true nature, they often pulled them in to disguise themselves as ordinary tree trunks.[1]


Kampfults used their six extended arm-like appendages to attack multiple foes, as well as grab them. Once grappled, the foes would be suffocated and crushed. Only if the trunks of kampfults were hit would the creatures be damaged.[1]


Though very rare, kampfults were reported to dwell in the Cloak Wood, north of Candlekeep.[2] As well as this, they were sighted on the island of Orlumbor.[3]


Long before 1357 DR,[2] these creatures originated in thick forests, where they could easily disguise themselves. However, they were often hunted by humans and thus their numbers dwindled. Kampfults were forced to move to not-so-obvious places, such as dungeons and ruined sites. Here, they attempted to disguise their appendages as vines or ropes, and draw in unwary adventurers.[1]



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