Kanar el Ehrat was a blacksmith and weaponsmith in Anvil Sabban of Teshburl who was secretly the Red Rysal. Most of his friends called him "the Ox".[1]


On the surface, Kanar was a huge and clumsy man, but his clumsiness was just an act; in truth, he was as agile as he was strong, and he was immensely strong for a human.[1]


For his cover, Kanar worked the traditional job of his family, that of a blacksmith and weaponsmith. When he wore the red leather outfit of the Red Rysal, he dedicated his efforts to exposing the corruption of power of the leaders of Teshburl.[1]


Kanar's best friend was Oadif el Wajin, a member of Teshburl's Amlakkar. As of 1370 DR, Kanar had not told his friend of his secret identity, but he was contemplating asking Oadif to join him in the role of Red Rysal, since the two men shared the same opinions on the state of their town. Kanar's only hesitation was that Oadif had no magical training, and at least one of the persons holding the role of Red Rysal was traditionally a wizard. Kanar had no male relatives old enough to fill the role.[1]

Kanar's father was named Baral el Ehrat.[1]


Kanar was the sixteenth Red Rysal. The title and legacy had been passed down through his family, beginning with the first Red Rysal, Dumahl el Ehrat. Kanar's father Baral, the fifteenth Red Rysal, died while in the role, but this did not change Kanar's desire to continue helping the common folk of his town.[1]



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