Kanjentellequor Biri was one of the few dragonborn wizards of Tymanther[1] and a member of Clan Kanjentellequor.[2] She was also a member of the Lance Defenders and the lover of Balasar.[3]


Biri was a rare albino dragonborn, with snow-white scales.[1]


In her youth, the clan elders raised Biri to be an exemplar wife. However, Biri showed talent for magic, and she defied her elders to study wizardry.[4]

In 1479 DR, Biri was one of the wizards under the command of Kriv. She studied Nala's documents, and discovered Skuthosiin was the one controlling the ash giants.[1] She later assisted Khouryn Skulldark of the Brotherhood of the Griffon and the Platinum Cadre during the siege of Ashhold.[2]

When Khouryn Skulldark returned to Tymanther and warned them about Tchazzar plan's to invade the dragonborn nation, Medrash was assigned to a mission to destroy Gestaniius and liberate High Imaskar from her forces, so the Imaskari would lend their aid to the thymari.[5]

After killing Gestaniius,[6] Biri and her friends were sent to Luthcheq to escort ambassador Perra, who wanted to reinstate the diplomatic relations between Tymanther and Chessenta. However, when they reached the city, the Battle of Luthcheq had already began. Biri took part in the battle.[7]

She later went to Dracowyr alongside Balasar, Medrash, the Brotherhood of the Griffon and the surviving dragons of the Battle of Luthcheq. Together, they put an end to Brimstone's xorvintaal. After that, she returned to Tymanther, were she intended to marry Balasar.[8]




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