Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms is a boxed set for AD&D 1st edition. It is part of the Oriental Adventures campaign setting and set in Kara-Tur. It describes the eastern land of Kara-Tur and its geography, population, society, government, history, languages, and opportunities for adventure. It is the third major boxed set for the Forgotten Realms.

This box contains everything AD&D game players and DMs need to establish an exciting Oriental Adventures campaign! Kara-Tur, world of Eastern mystery, is on the far side of the planet from the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting, but the two cultures only interact if you want them to! This is the "official" campaign setting for the Oriental Adventures rulebook. Kara-Tur has everything you need: Two 96-page books describe the places, culture, politics, monsters, magic, people, religions, and more, plus advice on running a long-term Oriental Adventures campaign, bringing characters from other worlds into Kara-Tur, and dimensional travel from Kara-Tur to other worlds. And there are four full-color, two-sided maps of this land of mighty warriors and powerful enchantments.


The boxed set contains two 96-page books, four large color maps, and two plastic overlays.

Volume 1
  • Shou Lung
  • T'u Lung
  • Tabot
  • The Plain of Horses
  • The Northern Wastes
Volume 2
  • The Jungle Lands
  • The Island Kingdoms
  • Koryo
  • Kozakura
  • Wa
  • Appendix: Using the Forgotten Realms campaign setting


BenchiGenbudoHanamoto GenjiHigemotoHiwa ItzusuneHojo KamuriHolangHsiung chi KangHuHu TiehHuang Ch'ungHua Li TeK'ai Hua LiuMarash RashiMei Kuei ChuMoo KalaiMotsegaiMo KinMuni-KuNahdat IINako NangPag Hou LingPan ChuParmanPekaonitSen Lin HsaoShou Chih LongTappengTazu-eiTenraxTorgoja P'aWoto JubojiroYitriq RukkuYu Fu FangYuminoi Bowida
Realms: KoryoKozakuraShou LungTabotT'u LungWa
Seventy-Two SocietySociety of the Jade Empress

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  • Authors: Mike Pondsmith (Shou Lung), Jay Batista (Koryo/T'u Lung/Tabot), Rick Swan (Plain of Horses/Wa), John Nephew (Northern Wastes/Island Kingdoms), Deborah Christian (Jungle Lands/Kozakura),
  • Editing: Steve Winter
  • Coordination: David Cook
  • Cover Artist: Jeff Easley
  • Interior Artist: Jim Holloway
  • Graphic Design: Colleen O'Malley
  • Cartography: Dave S. LaForce
  • Typography: Betty Elmore


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