The Kara-Turan languages were a family of languages spoken by the majority of humans on the continent of Kara-Tur.[1][2][note 1]


The following language groups belonged to the Kara-Turan language family:

In addition, the following languages were also among this family:

The Chuchian language from the Imaskari languages family was also found among the languages of Kara-Tur.



  1. Languages families for the languages of Kara-Tur have not yet been defined for the languages of Kara-Tur, as they were for the languages of Faerûn in the "Speaking in Tongues" article in Dragon Annual #4. However, that article states that they do belong to a different languages family. This article collects all known languages of Kara-Tur for the purposes of organization and completeness, but they are not necessarily related.


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