Kara Chermosk was the commander for the Zhentarim forces of the Tethyamar Fortress, nestled in the western Dalelands amid the Desertsmouth Mountains.[2]


Kara earned much respect from her soldiers for her iron-handed rule and severe manner, which brooked no dissent. Her time among the caravans of the Black Road gave her a great skill in negotiation, allowing her to form alliances with creatures that would normally shun her kind.[1]


For her exceptional service, Kara Chermosk was granted a Banesword from the vaults of Zhentil Keep by Scyllua Darkhope.[1]


Commander Chermosk harbored a secret lover in the form of her second-in-command, Captain Sergoi Meristaak. Sergoi adored Kara and stayed by her side at all times in battle.[1]


Raised by Zhentarim merchants in Zhentil Keep, Kara Chermosk grew up under the yoke of the Black Network's rule. In time, she decided to become a soldier among the Zhentarim and spent many years working as a caravan guard, making her way back and forth across the Black Road of the Anauroch. Kara briefly took the time out of her career to join the Church of Bane as a cleric before rising up through the ranks to become a commander.[1]

By 1372 DR, Kara had been promoted to the position of base commander in the Tethyamar Fortress where she forged an alliance with the fiendish denizens they found there.[1]


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